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Phone: +1 (714) 838-1055

Fax: (714) 838 1300


Green Meadows Home Health Care’s services include:

  • Exhaustive gifted nursing care including drug the board, wound care, home IV treatment, perception and instructing to assist patients with recuperating all the more rapidly.

  • Physical, word related and respiratory treatment, and discourse and language pathology administrations, to assist patients with recapturing strength all the more rapidly following injury, medical procedure or sickness.

  • Providing care support with exercises of day to day living including dressing, washing, strolling and assisting a patient with other everyday exercises, to advance and encourage a patient's freedom.

  • Instruction for the patient and relatives in regards to the patient's condition, illness cycle or injury, to assist the patient better with dealing with the condition and with less difficulties.

  • Bringing issues to light on the most effective way to oversee drugs, to help forestall or diminish medicine concerns.

  • Continuous correspondence and backing in managing disease and the patient's condition, to lessen dread, nervousness, and a sensation of separation.

Home Nurse Making Bed

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