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At the point when a patient has encountered a disease, hospitalization or medical procedure, and this requires recuperation or mending, or when there is another medical services conclusion that requires an adjustment of everyday way of life, home medical care might be proper.

Some key deciding elements for qualification include:

  • Walking assistance is required.

  • To leave the home, assistance is required due to a medical condition.

  • Ability to leave the home is limited due to multiple diseases or recent diagnoses.

  • Limits on physical mobility due to stroke or general weakness.

  • Chronic illness with periods of instability.

  • Surgery which was recent or is scheduled.

  • Being on oxygen.

  • Falls which are frequent.

  • Due to immobility or changes in condition, anxiety or psychological challenges have developed.

  • Changes in several medications.

  • Multiple visits to the emergency room (ER) or admission to the hospital.

  • Weight loss which is unintentional.

  • Breathing difficulty.

  • Pain which is poorly controlled.

  • Daily wound care or treatments.

  • Infection that complicates the wound-healing process.

  • Challenges with nutritional or fluid assessment needs or management.

  • Advanced neurological disease.

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