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What is Home Health Care?

An elderly woman is being attended to by a Home Health Care specialist.

If you or one of your loved ones have ever sustained an injury or illness that requires treatment over a sustained period of time, you may have heard the term Home Health Care being thrown around as an option for treatment. So, what exactly is Home Health Care? And how can you find the best health care provider that suits your needs? This article aims to answer such questions.

What is Home Health Care?

Simply put, Home Health Care is a “wide range of health care services that can be provided in your home for an illness or injury”. Emphasis on the term wide range. An important aspect of Home Health Care is making sure that the health care provider you are considering is up to standard when it comes to the services provided. When it comes to standard, make sure that the care provider is accredited by the Joint Commission.

What should I expect?

A referral from your doctor is necessary to begin Home Health Care Services. Once your doctor refers you for Home Health Care services, the health care institution that you choose will schedule an appointment for a sit-down with you and talk about your needs and how to care for you in your home in the best way possible.

According to, examples of what the health care staff should do includes:

  • Check what you’re eating and drinking.

  • Check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing.

  • Check that you’re taking your prescription and other drugs and any treatments correctly.

  • Ask if you’re having pain.

  • Check your safety in the home.

  • Teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself.

  • Coordinate your care. This means they must communicate regularly with you, your doctor, and anyone else who gives you care.

At Green Meadows for example, Home Health Care Services include:

  • Wound Care

  • Ostomy Care​

  • Injections

  • Foley Catheter Care

  • Trach Care

  • Inr Checks

  • Pleurx Catheter Care

  • Wound Vac Dressing Changes

  • Disease Management

  • CHF

  • COPD

  • Diabetes, Etc.

  • G-Tube Care

  • Enteral Feedings

  • Post Surgical Assessments

  • Jackson-Pratt Drain Care

  • ONQ Pump Removal

  • ​Infusions

  • Palliative Care

For the full list of Home Health Care services we provide, you can visit our Home Health Care services page.


At Green Meadows Hospice and Home Health Care, such services are provided with the upmost quality. Our highest priority is providing care for our patients.

To learn more about Hospice Care and Palliative care, or to schedule a free consultation, call (866) 838-2055 or contact us below.


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